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Wi-Fi, LAN, Broadband Custom OEM / ODM Communication Equipment, Assemblies & Products

We are specializing in manufacturing and assembly of Layer 2 Management Ethernet Switch, Wireless Client Adapter, Wireless LAN AP/Router, SOHO Router, Ethernet Switches, Media Converter, USB to Ethernet Converter, Web-Smart Switches and Ethernet NIC, Network card, Network hub, Network Router, Network residential gateway.

Our contract manufacturing products are designed to let users construct enterprise-wide networks supporting a variety of protocols under the control of a sophisticated network management system. We can maintain our very competitive price points because the architecture of our hubs facilitates enhancement to accommodate more channels and different protocols. Existing customers can upgrade their equipment quickly at much lower cost and very easily making it attractive to our wide range of potential customers.

  • Product: Wireless Products, Ethernet Products, Broadband Products.
  • Channel: ODM / OEM.
  • Design, Production and Service Quality.
  • Product Development and Program Management.

Custom designed products similar to: 4G Speaker Router (RPI3B+ platform) and voice control WiFi/Bluetooth module (ESP8266/ESP32 module).

OED, ODM, module integration, custom  development  HW/SW or app.

Integrate Google Home and Alexa commands Embedded microphone and speaker inside and integrating your smart Google Home or Alexa devices together.

Easy Installation via app or Web GUI App guides you to add your smart home devices and register with our Google Home or Alexa account easily.

Extend your Smart devices connection via Bluetooth or WiFi Connecting your smart devices like light bulbs, speaker, weather sensor, door/window detector, air conditioner to SONOS via either Bluetooth, or WiFi.

4G connection to support voice command anywhere 4G can access to internet to support the voice command service and control your smart devices even without broadband modem.

Voice control WiFi / Bluetooth module

Extend your Smart devices with Voice Control ability Embedded voice agent to extend your Smart Home devices like light bulbs, speaker, weather sensor, door/window detector, air conditioner to be compatible with Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Extend your devices with ability of remote control via app or voice control Extend your devices be remote controlled with WiFi or Bluetooth connection. Devices could be controlled via smart phone app or voice commands.

Integrate to your devices with generic UART or I2C interfaces

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