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Rockleigh Industries initial goal is to design and build the very best in tooling. In fact, our conclusion that the answer to molding quality parts begins with well-designed, well-built and well-maintained molds, and is the foundation of our success as a mold maker and molder. The high quality tooling we had built serves our customer's needs very well - demonstrated by the fact that molds built and run are guaranteed for 1 million cycles.

Rockleigh Industries offers specialized expertise in plastics injection molding. Our experience is based on decades of manufacturing experience for worldwide class manufacturers. Our experience spans all phases of product design, tooling design, plastic injection molding, plastic injection manufacturing, plastic part assembly & the use of rapid prototyped parts & molds production using Stereo Lithography & other known techniques of prototyping.

Rockleigh Industries offers turnkey capabilities in plastics injection molding projects. We understand the range of options you need to consider in deciding upon a material or manufacturing techniques. We also offer a network of industry contacts that can help take the worry out of an injection molding manufacturing project.

We also specialize in wide range of Manufacturing Process & Tooling including Machining, Die Casting, Metal and Plastic Injection Molding, M48al Stamping/Fabrications/Forming, Electronic Wiring & PC Board assemblies.

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