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From Products, Ideas and Concepts to Reality and Manufacturing

From already designed products to tooled samples and manufacturing through our extremely low cost prototyping service. You created an invention. Spent your time and money developing and protecting it. Now it's time to get it in front of manufacturers / companies to see if you can make some money. For many inventors this is a difficult task due to high cost of creating Working Samples or Prototypes.

Want to get your invention in front of Manufacturers / Companies in 30 days or less! - Then let us produce low cost, affordable prototype for you. One of the easiest things in the world to do is come up with an idea. One of the hardest is to turn that idea into a Working Sample / Prototype which will be affordable even for the tight budgets. We do not need Invention in final form or blueprints. As little as sketches on napkins - will do to start a Project. We have engineering, R&D and Design as well as Manufacturing facilities both in USA and Taiwan.

Finally presenting your idea , newly developed or invented product is reality due to affordable low cost prototypes and samples made by Rockleigh Industries. We provide Low Cost Prototyping Service specially for inventors, developers and entrepreneur's products /ideas /concepts and inventions. No Production Commitment Required.

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