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Inventor's Service

From Concept To Prototype Sample To Assembly

If you have a concept, simply describe it to us. We will convert that concept to engineering drawings and then produce a prototype. We can produce several alternative prototypes if you are not completely sure of the way your idea from concept translates into an actual physical, tactile 3-dimensional piece.

Once you like the prototype, we then will finalize the design and the production drawings. Then produce molds of appropriate material depending on how many pieces you require over the like of the molds. Once we have produced the mold and tested it for dimension and other quality checks, we will provide you first run samples. These samples will give you a thorough idea of what the mass produced items will look like. Once you approve the samples, we will either ship the molds to you or we can produce the required parts.

We also provide all the secondary services. We can give the product the finish you want. We can stamp print any logo or text you want to printed on it- e.g. your company's name, address etc. If there is more than one part in the item, we can assemble and pack them individually ready for you to ship to your customers. We provide complete service from prototyping to making millions of units- plastic or metal or combination there of.

Other services

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